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SportS Day Nursery PM

SportS Day Nursery PM 1
SportS Day Nursery PM 2
SportS Day Nursery PM 3
SportS Day Nursery PM 4
SportS Day Nursery PM 5
SportS Day Nursery PM 6
SportS Day Nursery PM 7
SportS Day Nursery PM 8
SportS Day Nursery PM 9
SportS Day Nursery PM 10

Sports Day Nursery AM

Sports Day Nursery AM 1
Sports Day Nursery AM 2
Sports Day Nursery AM 3
Sports Day Nursery AM 4
Sports Day Nursery AM 5
Sports Day Nursery AM 6
Sports Day Nursery AM 7
Sports Day Nursery AM 8
Sports Day Nursery AM 9

Water Aid challenge. Well done for raising £135.09!

Water Aid challenge. Well done for raising £135.09! 1
Water Aid challenge. Well done for raising £135.09! 2
Water Aid challenge. Well done for raising £135.09! 3
Water Aid challenge. Well done for raising £135.09! 4
Water Aid challenge. Well done for raising £135.09! 5

Water Day!

Water Day! 1
Water Day! 2
Water Day! 3
Water Day! 4
Water Day! 5
Water Day! 6
Water Day! 7
Water Day! 8
Water Day! 9

Science Week 2016

Science Week 2016 1
Science Week 2016 2
Science Week 2016 3
Science Week 2016 4
Science Week 2016 5
Science Week 2016 6
Science Week 2016 7
Science Week 2016 8
Science Week 2016 9

Home learning 29th April 2016


This week we have had lots of fun with water. Make a list with your child of all the ways you use water in your home.

Home learning 24th March 2016


Look for signs of Spring in your local area. Talk to your child about the things they can see.


Enjoy the holiday.

Home learning 11th March 2016


This week we have been learning to count accurately. Count objects around your home. How many windows are in your house? How many beds? How many spoons are in your house?

World Book Day 2016

World Book Day 2016 1
World Book Day 2016 2
World Book Day 2016 3

Home learning 4th March 2016


Share a bedtime story with your child. Ask them to draw a picture about the story the next day. Can they draw a character? Can they remember what happened in the story? Please bring the picture into Nursery.

Making biscuits

Making biscuits 1
Making biscuits 2
Making biscuits 3
Making biscuits 4
Making biscuits 5

Home learning 1 1th February 2016


Talk to your child about the Chinese New Year celebrations happening this weekend. What do you celebrate with your family? Can your child tell you about other celebrations?

Home learning 5th February 2016


This week the children made biscuits in Nursery. Talk to your child about how they made the biscuits. Can they remember the ingredients, the cooking equipment and what they had to do?


Perhaps you could make some biscuits at home this weekend?


Sing these songs to help learn the sound (phoneme) each letter makes.

Rhyme of the week - Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (Sing It)

Nursery Curriculum Letter Autumn 2015

Nursery Curriculum Letter Summer 2015

Discover Centre 2015

Science Week 2015

Nursery Curriculum Letter Spring 2015

Nursery Curriculum Letter Autumn Term 2014