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YR1: 1ED & 1EP

Rock Steady Music School assembly


On Wednesday 5th July, the children (and adults!) enjoyed a visit from Tommy, a trained musician from Rock Steady Music School.


Tommy taught the children all about the electric guitar,  electric drums and electric keyboard. He played each instrument while the children screamed, sang and clapped along. 


Everyone thoroughly enjoyed rocking out with Tommy and if your child has been inspired by this experience we hope you take advantage of any future opportunities involving Rock Steady at our school. 

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On Thursday 2nd March 2017 everyone at Gordon Primary School will be celebrating World Book Day. We are asking the children to think about their favourite book and dress up as a character from it. Year One’s Home Learning is to begin to plan and make a costume that they can wear to school on World Book Day. There is no need to buy props or a costume, it is far more fun to make them at home.

Dear Parents/Carers,

As part of Year One’s topic ‘Tiaras, Turrets and Tales’ the children are making an eye mask for Sleeping Beauty. Next week the children will be sewing. If you would like to join us and support the children as they learn to sew with a needle and thread we will would be very grateful for your help.



1ED- Tuesday 31st January from 10am.

1EP- Friday the 3rd February from 10am.


Please let a Year One staff member know if you are able to come into class to help the children.


The Home Learning for Year One this week is to look around your home for fabric that you could use to make an eye mask. Your child can bring in their fabric on Monday 30th January.

Thank you,

The Year One Team

Home Learning 20.1.17

This week we have looked at lots of paintings of dreams. Your Home Learning is to keep a dream diary. You could write about the dreams you remember, or you could draw or paint them. We will talk about our dreams on Friday 27th January.


Curriculum letter for Year One’s Spring Topic- Tiaras, Turrets and Tales.

100 Square. Please use this to help your child count and recognise numbers to 100.

Year One Common Exception Words Home Learning 13.1.17

Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) (6-10 Version)


Doubles Doubles (I Can Add Doubles!) (song for kids about adding doubles 1-5)


Articulation of Phonemes

A useful video clip showing the correct 'pure' pronounciation of phonemes (units of sound).

Autumn term curriculum letter

Home learning 23.9.16

Welcome to Year One.


The home learning this week is to read the book that your child has taken home. Talk about the story. What happened? How did the characters feel? You could also take your child to a local library so that they can choose another book to enjoy.